June 2014 Goals

June 2014 Goals

If you aren’t with the program yet, read my first post in my 2014 goals series (jump all the way to the bottom and read the last two 5-bullet lists).

Okay, so what’s on the table for June (June 1 – June 30, 2014)?

  1. Learning: Write – Writing has been a part of each of my goals for the past month (including last month’s 20,000 word $1,000 anti-charity bet) and I want to double down on one of my strengths. I have a few specific sub-goals though.
    1. I want to explore a few different voices and find out how much I enjoy writing in them and how much my readers enjoy them.
    2. I want to learn to write very high-quality work in less time.
    3. I want to learn to write more persuasively – which I believe is more of a communication issue than anything.
    4. I want to write with much more discipline and frequency. aka: I want to be able to write even when I won’t want to write (usually b/c it’s hard and I’m being soft).
    5. Finally, I want to get more eyeballs and feedback on my work this month than ever before, total.
  2. Authentic Perspective & Action: Isolation Tank – 120 or more mins in an isolation tank, on at least 2 separate occasions.
  3. Resource Building: Writing – The product of the writing.
  4. Relationships: Team – Build a team of 5 people to help me with my writing.
  5. Focus: Outsource – Building on last month, I want to outsource at least 15 hours of work related to my writing.

That’s it – thanks for your support

Peace & love. Strength & honor.