March-April Recap

March-April Recap


Mk, let’s review last “month.”† Overall, I feel like I crushed last month’s goals. PLUS, I took on another really great client and really enjoyed the work we did together (I really hope I can publish a bit more on that in a future post since I really love where these guys are going). So what were my goals between March 16 and April 25?

  1. Learning: Learn to Concentrate. Defn a success.
    When I set out to “concentrate” better I honestly didn’t know what the exact goal was. Now I can tell you that I’ve massively refined the following essential sub-components of good concentration: listening to your physical, mental, and emotional states to understand what max concentration might look like at present, the ability to alter those states be better optimize around concentration, learning to identify when I’m unfocused, the effects of not sleeping on concentration, listening instead of waiting to talk, and simply talking less (I’m just rambling after my mouth has been open for more than 25 seconds). While I learned a lot last month, I also knowhow long I still have to go before mastering the art of concentration. Awareness is the first big step.
    One other note. I had assumed at the outset that concentration was always a good thing. Not true. Just like focus, there is such a thing as too much. I’m told that I have a very “associative” mind that makes connections quickly and that it’s usually a strength  – even if I’m frequently carried down tangents. Concentration goes in the face of acting on these connections and that can be both a good and bad thing. Now, I better understand the nuances of a disciplined mind. It’s a mind that’s sharp, but flexible, a mind that can observe connections and then actively decide whether to act on them or not.
  2. Authentic Perspective & Action: Meditate for 10 hours. Meh!
    I only documented 5.6 hours here, although I know there were a few undocumented sessions too. Not a success, but not a failure. Meditation really is a practice I enjoy.. but struggle to do as consistently as I’d like. One thing I’ve definitely noticed over the past few months is that I frequently find myself in a semi-meditative state. Not full-blown lotus position 
  3. Resource Building: Write & publish 20,000+ words. Success.
    This was honestly a huge pain in the ass, but I’m glad I did it. Even though most of my 20,000 words were published in the 11th hour, I accomplished the goal and didn’t have to ship a $1,000 check off to the KKK or the Westboro Church, the anti charities of my friend’s choosing. If you’re bored, you can see the detailed word count here: I just found another 300 word article that I wrote out by hand and forgot to publish. Meh.
  4. Relationships: Re-do of have 5 back and forth communications with 5 new ppl on the interwebs. Failed!
    I’m done with this goal. Screw it. I had a few interactions, but defn fell way short of this goal.
  5. Focus: Eliminate Distractions. Raging success.
    This was the biggest success for last month, which I’m thrilled about. Until last month, this had been a second-class goal for 2014, partly because I really took my unfocused habits to heart around August of 2013 and had already made great progress by eliminating the projects I was hoarding – hoarding like one of those poor grandmas on A&E with 37 pet cats and a rotting mansion filled floor to ceiling with coupons from the 1980’s that might become valid again after the nuclear fallout. Sorry grandma, we had to throw that shit out.
    Anyway, this goal was not only easy, but a huge success. The single biggest thing I did was shut off mobile notifications to my phone. No more twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat (yes, I know that Ev is an asshole and no I haven’t used the app since December). My phone was on 100% silent for all but an hour or two the entire month. Yes, I missed out on some things. But not one of those things cost me over $10 or ten minutes to fix AND my brain wasn’t filled with useless information and worries about unimportant crap. I even cut back on my podcast consumption, although that might have been because I was so swamped with client work. Read more here about what I eliminated last moth here and here.

Biggest meta-learning: Having a client and trying to work on goals is not my style.

Okay, so that’s it. It was a great month for me and my goals. Had another wonderful client who’s working on some amazing stuff. Brother got married in Florida. Drove from DC to SF without dying, getting pulled over, or leaving the dog some place. Working on what might turn out to be a nice tan with the help of this moderate NorCal sun.

That’s it… until I publish my goals for June 2014. Peace and love friends

† – I put month in quotes because it was more like 2 months with my brother’s wedding (oh and my good friend’s house catching fire a few days before wedding activities began), and then the trip he and I took across the country to move him out the west coast.