Big Door’s MiniBar

BigDoor now let’s users add gaming mechanics to your site in less than 5 minutes.

Okay so after an insightful article from Mark Suster bashing on gaming mechanics (just a little bit!), I’m going to talk about BigDoor’s new MiniBar – a tool that let’s you add gaming mechanics to any website.

Why would you want to apply gaming mechanics to your site? Well, let’s say you’re Brad Feld of the Foundry Group (BigDoor’s investor) and you want to incentivize your thousands of blog readers to go to the amazon page for your new book Do More Faster where they might buy a copy. You can use gaming mechanics, like points and badges,  to give people a little virtual gift (like experience points) for clicking on your links, reading your blog daily, or for sharing your content.

While I’m not exactly blown away by the process of gamifying your website, I do think the ease of use will pay off for BigDoor and help bring in customers who will eventually want more sophisticated gaming mechanics.

Here’s a quote from Brad’s blog:

So BigDoor iterated their own approach and made the initial gamification implementation process much simpler.  This morning they announced the “5 minute gamification process.”  They even posted a video (with a timer running within the video) to prove that you really can add game mechanics in under 5 minutes.  That may sound absurd to game developers, but the concept behind that simplicity is right on.  Get initial gamification on your site quickly and easily, see how the community on your site reacts, and then iterate and improve your game.  The response from their customers so far has been really positive and they’ve already increased their registered partners by more than 20% since this announcement just a few hours ago.

Check out BigDoor’s video showing how easy it is to add gaming mechanics to your site:

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