The Raisin Racket

Selling raisins used to be illegal in the US. Most markets – in the US at least – are dictated by the free market. Supply and demand set the price of most goods. Sometimes we need a little government or third-party oversight to make sure people don’t get hurt, but those are supposed to be …

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Who Benefits?

In a forest every tree has to compete for light, so genes for growing tall trunks will do well and tend to spread in the gene pool, as all the trees carrying genes for shorter trunks die out in the gloom below. In the end, the forest will consist of trees that all have the …

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Creative Culture: Vinegar or Wine?

My single biggest lesson from Tuesday’s class was that in all of the four companies we talked to (Facebook, 1185 Design, Experience Project, Cooliris) the buck still stops with the CEO. I’d definitely expect that in a 10 person company, but not in a 1400 person company. These leaders are involved not only with the …

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