Stanford’s SSE Labs Begins New Program

Interested in starting your own company? Check out SSE Labs.

In short, SSE Labs is a student initiated program that gives young start-ups (with at least one Stanford student founder) the resources to get off the ground…at a cost of 0% equity to the founding team (flyer). Applications are due on October 16 by 11:59pm. The details follow.

SSE labs is doing a real service to the entrepreneurial community around the university.  Check out my recent incubator panel with SSE Labs Managing Director, Dan Ha, at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford.

SSE Labs lays it all out pretty clearly and simply on their website:

SSE Labs is an educational initiative focused on empowering Stanford entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch their startup. While Stanford provides a multitude of educational entrepreneurial services, there is no program that directly connects students with the resources and capital needed when students are most able to focus on their startups. SSE Labs is built to complement pre-existing educational initiatives and we highly encourage applicants to partake in current programs.

SSE Labs is made up of two components: a Stanford student startup accelerator focused on education and development during the school year, and a 3-month, full-time intensive accelerator during the summer.

What We Take
SSE Labs is taking 0% equity.
You will receive the resources to work on your startup with ZERO cost.
We will never ask for equity, warrants, or fees in return for this service. This is an educational initiative and not a profit-making venture.

Academic Year Program

Provides the following services:


Summer Program
The summer program is for the heavy lifting. Students will be provided the resources to push forward full speed on their venture. This portion lasts 3 months (from June 15th until September 15th) and provides the following services:


You must satisfy the following basic requirements to be eligible to apply:
At least one team member must have been enrolled as a Stanford student for the 2010-2011 academic year.
Additionally, the Stanford student(s) must hold at least 33% of the equity stake shared amongst the founders.

To apply please visit our application page. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Although the final deadline is May 7th, groups that submit early have a significant advantage as we will have more time to review their applications. It is important to note that there are a limited number of spaces–once they are filled, we can no longer accept applicants.

About Stanford Student Enterprises
SSE (Stanford Student Enterprises) is the Financial arm of the ASSU (Associated Students of Stanford University). The ASSU represents all students on the Stanford campus, yet is not under university governance. These entities are, for the most part, student run. SSE’s goals are to promote Stanford student entrepreneurship and provide educational opportunities to the community. These goals come together in SSE Labs.


  1. Education: Speaker Series, Workshops, Field Days
  2. Ancillary Resources:Office Space, Cash Stipend
  3. Legal: Incorporation and Daily Legal Expenses
  4. Educational: Entrepreneurial Speaker Series, Workshops
  5. Mentorship: Experienced Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs and Lawyers
  6. Programs: Networking Sessions, Demo Day


  1. Education: Speaker Series, Workshops, Field Days
  2. Ancillary Resources:Office Space, Amazon Web Services, etc.
  3. Legal: Office hours
  4. Mentorship: Experienced Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs and Lawyers
  5. Programs: Networking Sessions, Demo Day

Questions? Follow up with the SSE Labs team here.

The SSE Labs team is also taking applications to join the management team (flyer). If you want to gain valuable experience coordinating events, networking with VCs and mentors, and working in a lean-startup environment, check it out.

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