My $99,342 Tweet and How It Saved JetBlue Millions

This is the story of how my tweet cost JetBlue $99,342 but saved them millions. If you want the entire saga of how JetBlue massively screwed up, failed to communicate, and then tried to screw over 150 people, read my post about the JetBlue Flight 278 Fiasco. Instead of re-living a pretty shitty 20-hour ordeal, this …

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Andrew Bellay is a 3-time entrepreneur, self-taught coder, 3-degree holding, problem solver & meta-engineer. Andrew is a jack-of-all-trades and even a master of a few… Andrew has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Eduction, and Fast Company; He’s recently spoken at the Campus Technology Forum in Long Beach, CA & Boston, MA, AlwaysOn Silicon Valley Innovation Summit, Stanford University, and The …

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